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I know this is a bit off topic but everyone is involved in birthday parties at some stage and i have recently just been through the whole birtday party organising saga so i thought this may be helpful to some 🙂

Water Slide & Jumping CastleA birthday party can be prepared in different avenues depending on what you want for your child. However, the best place to host it is at home; indeed, this is the most favored by families worldwide. There are heaps of fun things you can do for the party such as water slide jumping castle hire, clowns & party games. There are some very significant ideas which you are not supposed to ignore at all when planning.

It is always important to set the time limit. The duration is vital since you don’t want to be left baby sitting all day. Normally, two to three hours are appropriate; therefore, indicate clearly in the invitation when it begins and ends. Always look at the ages of the children coming. For example, if it is for kids below five years, make it for about two hours on maximum, because beyond that, they will be tired. This will ensure the day remains memorable for all.

Some other important issues to consider are games and activities. Make sure they are suiting all the age groups present in the birthday party. Ensure the older kids do not prevent the smaller ones from participating in the activities. The little one will prefer slow paced games like musical chairs etc, while the big children will like outdoor actions such as bouncy castles, and others. These are things you must consider and plan carefully so that none of the kids present will miss out on the action. You could also include video games if it is a party for teenagers.

During the party, it is vital that you keep all of them entertained. This will be key to having a successful birthday bash that will be remembered by all. Make sure that there are all round activities which will be enjoyed by everyone. If it is an outdoor party, ensure that all the games engaged suit everyone. If the weather changes, indoor actions that small kids and older ones can play together should be preferred. Always be on the look out when all is happening to safeguard the children from any form of harm.

To add more fun to the birthday party, make sure it has a theme. It could be your child’s favorite cartoon personality, or sports activity. Ensure that the theme is in one way or the other incorporated in the activities of the day. From the bouncy castle, to the cake, and the gifts, let them have the thesis appear clearly.

Here’s a handy dandy video on planning birthday parties:

After a fun filled afternoon with all the games, running up and down, and playing, children get hungry and should be fed. Make sure that you have prepared substantial foodstuff apart from the sweets, ice creams and crisps and other snacks.
After the birthday party is over, send the kids home with goody bags. This ensures that the children go happy and your children will not struggle dealing with the leftovers.

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