Building Services in the Cloud with

What is the one thing you think of when connecting to disparate APIs? It’s probably safe to say that for over 20 million of you, the answer would be IFTTT, right? Now, not that we don’t love IFTTT but imagine a world (cough… where several APIs are connected on a single platform without the time consuming hassle of writing any code whatsoever. That world exists within

In this video, we let you in on a tiny portion of building services on in the cloud by connecting two of our favorite APIs, Mojio and Twilio. Defining and implementing our own customizable triggers, we are able to determine the exact location of our demo vehicles simply by using the software and GPS data. That’s right. Here at there is no such thing as each vehicle having its own IFTTT recipe, we are able to watch every aspect of unlimited context from unlimited “things” and APIs in real-time.

Welcome to the new world. Welcome to

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