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Commercial Cleaning Services & Building Maintenance Services in Central & Northern NJ
At Heits Building Services of Central & Northern NJ, we believe in sharing our success with others. In order for your office to run safely and efficiently, it must meet certain standards of cleanliness. We specialize in commercial cleaning services, and we know what it takes to keep your space spic and span, so that your employees and your customers safe and happy. All of the products and equipment that we use are environmentally safe and highly effective, so not only will all areas be clean when we’re done, but they’ll also be sanitized. We pay close attention to high traffic areas such as office restrooms and kitchens, and to equipment where germs are more likely to collect, like phones and trash bins.

We use color-coded microfiber cloths when we work, so that we can be sure there will be no cross contamination. We can set you up with the service plan that is just right for your office, whether you need us to come daily, weekly, or monthly. All of the employees we send out to do the job are fully trained and certified, and we keep our prices affordable so you can easily fit our services into your company budget. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality cleaning, and to this end we survey our customers on a regular basis to be sure that they are satisfied, and so we can continually hone and improve our service.

When you are looking for a company to provide you with thorough office cleaning, you’ll find what you need with Heits Building Services. Special requests are no problem! Call us today to discuss how we can help you.
Office Cleaning NJ

HEITS offers two basic maintenance packages to meet your needs. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can adapt these packages to accommodate your individual requirements.
Lobbies and Hallways

We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning contractors. We use environmentally preferred products and equipment. Special odor-control products leave your facility smelling fresh and clean instead of overly disinfected.

We pay particular attention to restrooms to assure this area of your facility makes a good impression on your tenants and visitors. Our services make sure your restrooms are spic and span, orderly, well-stocked, and odor-free.
Individual Cubicles/Offices

Our staff is trained to respect the personal workspace of individual cubicles and offices, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services.