KSB References: Trailer Abu Dhabi, Building Services

We’re on the move for our customers. Worldwide.
KSB’s products are customers’ prime choice in many applications. As experienced valve and pump suppliers, we know exactly which product is right for each application.

We pump fluids where they’re needed – or keep them safely behind valves. Competitors try to do the same, of course. The difference with KSB? Our skill in finding an answer for almost every fluid and application. We take extreme temperatures and pressures in our stride. And we know there’s a material and a safety scheme for every aggressive, explosive or toxic medium. It doesn’t have to be liquid, either: we also transport sand, stone and ore hydraulically with special pumps.

Follow us around the world and experience spectacular reference projects covering all the KSB applications!

Just like in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Building Services: District cooling is the key to saving energy and increasing efficiency in Abu Dhabi, where central cooling systems are operated with KSB pumps.
…For more watch the film „KSB Reference: District Cooling Plant Abu Dhabi, UAE“

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