Laurence Burgoyne, DL Building Services, Newtownabbey – – Part 01

Uploaded this video so it is easily accessible to my legal team. In January 2013 I posted an advertisement on requesting contact from a roofer who would be able to replace a few cracked slates on my main roof, check/replace guttering and completely replace a flat roof that was over a bay window. I received three quotes and ended up going with Laurence Burgoyne, DL Building Services, Newtownabbey. In January 2013 the work was completed although a matter of days later on 11th February 2013 leaks came back worse than they had been before the work had commenced and new leaks had appeared. I contacted Laurence Burgoyne and have been in touch with him several times in the past year. Laurence promised that he would come out and fix the leaks and although he has been out at the property several times ‘looking’ he hasn’t actually done any repairs. After waiting a year and giving Laurence the ‘benefit of the doubt’ with regards to the amount of excuses he gave I contacted and asked if they could do anything before I took matters further with my solicitor. I filled in a report/complaints form and then last week I had telephone contact with Rated People. I was asked what action I wished to take with regards to DL Building Services and I replied that I wanted my money back. I had no faith in him returning to complete the work and doubted that it would result in me having a water tight home. I had borrowed £800 to pay for the roofing work although had to pay a further £150 for guttering (although I never saw any new guttering and didn’t receive a receipt). I wanted my money back so I could get a tradesman who could actually repair the leaks rather than cause more. contacted Laurence Burgoyne of DL Building Services and then called me back saying that he would be out the following week. It worked out they hadn’t even asked DL Building Services for a refund which had been my request. informed me that they had to be impartial which is fair enough but when I was informed that Laurence had “sounded upset” and said that he had done a “satisfactory job” (it supposedly wasn’t the flat roof that was leaking) it sent me completely over the edge. have seen photographs of the leaks and a detailed text message/telephone call diary but they obviously have no hold over the tradesmen who advertise on their site. Homeowners beware!