Rockhard Building Services – Grande Prairie, Alberta – Corporate Video Profile Rockhard Building Services, owned and operated by Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter John Strid, was founded in 2007.

Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we serve the region providing high quality construction services.

We are up to date with our safety, first-aid, and industry certifications. Our business is secure, self-insured, and in good standing with the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta. Our crews are well-equipped and highly skilled and with over 20 of years combined experience, Rockhard Building Serivces has the deep expertise you need to ensure your next construction project is a success.

Concrete Pour 2After using Insulated Concrete Forms, we became so impressed with the quality results that we’ve decided to make ICF construction our specific focus and area of expertise. We are a Nudura certified installer and have completed many projects using ICF.

We consider ourselves Grande Prairie’s top ICF experts.

At Rockhard building, we don’t settle for just any foundation material. We specialize in Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) which offers many advantages over traditional concrete and wood-framed structures.

Homes built with ICF are more energy efficient. They have better insulation properties resulting in more retained heat and lower power bills. They are sound-absorbing making them extremely comfortable and healthy to live in. They reduce the amount of air infiltration including dust and allergens giving you a clean and low-maintenance living environment.

Due to the energy-efficient properties of ICF requiring less engergy to heat or cool, reduced maintenance and upkeep, and fast implementation times, using ICF can reduce your total cost of ownership of your building considerably over time.

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